Splash! I dived into the cooling water, like a bullet. I was so ready to explore the
mysterious world under the sea. I felt the force of the next wave crashing over my head and Mum calling out, “Don’t swim out too far!” But out of nowhere, a tiny dolphin calf shot up to me.

“Hi, little dolphin. Where is your mother?” The water rippled away from me, pushing
Dolphin Calf away a tiny bit.

“Chee-chee-ee!” She chattered in confusion. I scanned the vast area. There wasn’t a
single pod around, let alone one looking for her.” I’ll tell mum to ask SeaWorld. They’ll know what to do.”

An hour later …

“So you say this calf wasn’t with a pod?” A man questioned, tapping his chin.
I quietly answered that she wasn’t and he turned on his heel and silently strode away. The Big-looking Man and his team carried Dolphin Calf into a big truck and noisily drove away. His big, burly body was slightly intimidating, but I couldn’t worry about that now.

The worst thing that I found out was that the poor calf’s mother had died, making tears roll down my cheeks. The little dolphin was without a mum and lost! That night I twisted and turned in bed, but I just couldn’t sleep. For some reason, I was starting to care deeply about the Dolphin Calf and her safety.

I woke up the next morning with the sun beating down on my bed. “Mum, can I send an email to SeaWorld?”
She agreed, and surprisingly, with no question, Mum kindly gave me their email address that the Big-looking Man gave her. T-tit-diddit-tit. I was done typing in about fifteen minutes flat. Mum nodded her head and pressed “send”.

A week later, we finally got a reply, although it wasn’t very useful. It read, “Thanks. Your question was worth asking, but you have to wait one more day. Kind Regards,

We let the long day pass. Then finally-FINALLY!-we got a proper reply. “Mrs. Edwards, we have found a compromise. You can live near SeaWorld, there is a respectable home you can buy. And you won’t need to worry about education, as there is a great school nearby. Sincerely, SeaWorld.

“YES!” I squealed, Yes!” I couldn’t wait. Thankfully, Mum said yes too. So we would be moving to live near SeaWorld.

But wait! It also read, “P. S. We’ve named her Lillian.” I beamed broadly.
At least, the little dolphin was in good hands.