BOOM! An explosion behind me sent my face into the dirt. I looked up groggily and saw the army helicopters flying overhead. I ran and ran until I found my secret hole. I dived in. The explosions above my head slowly got softer until I couldn’t hear them. Slowly, I climbed back to the surface and looked what damage had been done.

The town’s clock tower had massive burning holes in it. A house had just crumbled to a few crooked wooden limbs and a brick or two. Luckily, my hole was still safe. I hopped back in. My hole was really cozy. It had a few pillows, for when I had to sleep. It had a small table and a rock for a chair. But most important of all, I had a cupboard full of food.

Before the bombs, I still lived in my hole because I was an orphan. I had to raid the local Woolies every month, and drink from the freshwater stream a five minutes’ walk away. But then… the bombs happened. I was drinking at the river, when I heard screams and huge BOOMs! I ran back to the town, but it was too late. Everyone was dead, and the town was almost completely destroyed.

The only thing in the town that survived was, well… me. I scavenged and scavenged things from the town that were left. The bombers came back every once a month, but this month it was when I was laying flowers at everyone’s graves.

The bombers took me by surprise, and I really do not know how the graveyard survived every bomb attack. Maybe since there was only that towering metal gate to destroy, it didn’t seem worth the effort? Really, I don’t know. But anyway, since the bombers are so unexpected, I usually stay in my hole unless I go to drink or get food.

But today, I just sat back and relaxed. Just the other day, I had found a way to convert the stream water into my home and I made a series of wood pipes so I had a tap. Taps were so cool. Also, I had plenty of food… or so I thought.

I opened the cupboard for some dinner, when I saw only a few crumbs and two fat mice. “Aaaargh!!!” I screamed in outrage, slapping things out, making them scuttle out the hole’s roof. I hoped they got blown up when the bombers came back. I looked at the remnants of my food with sadness.

I slowly climbed out of the hole and ran as fast as I could to Woolworths. I loaded a shopping cart with fruit, vegetables, Gummi worms (hey! You’re still allowed sugar in a war!) and bread. When I got out of the cash register where I leave a scavenged dollar on the counter, the bombers came back.

Explosions spewed fire and destruction everywhere, making the dark night as bright as the sun. I looked over at my hole, and quickened my pace. But when I was about to enter with the food, I saw a little pup, crouching near a bomb that was about to explode.

Instinctively, I ran to the bomb and jumped on top of it. I looked at the pup and my last words escaped my mouth: “Don’t fear death. Just live.”