Early on a Sunday morning I was out on a jog with my dog Rouzy. Rouzy was a cattle dog and need a lot of exercise so here I was on a Sunday morning walking her. I was going the usual way. We jogged around the block which was 5km, then down Hiccup street where I let Rouzy off the lead.

I was halfway when a black dog jumped out of nowhere!! The dog had blood red eyes and teeth as sharp as knives. I stumbled backwards but I fell over and accidently let go of the lead! Rouzy took this as  her chance and lunged forward growling and snapping her teeth at the black dog. I could already tell this was going to be bad.

There was lots of barking and then Rouzy ran away!! My head was spinning as I stood up. I was hoping that the dog would be gone and Rouzy would be back but as I stood up properly Rouzy was still gone and the dog was still growling and staring at me ready to lunge.

As it came closer I started trembling in fear. Now it was too close for comfort and crazy thoughts started whirring through my head. Should I climb that tree and jump on it? NO WAY!! Should I play dead? No. YES I’ve got it. Pretending to fall over I picked up a rock and threw it down the path. As the dog spun around to inspect what the sound was I pounced forwards and jumped onto the dogs back riding it as if I were a jockey!

The dog fell to the ground whimpering. I wasn’t going to fall for that trick so thinking quick I ripped off my necklace and tied it around the dogs neck like a collar. Well done I told myself. I spoke too soon because I didn’t know what to do with the dog now. I was the boss so it would go wherever I went.

Suddenly I heard someone calling a dogs name. “TWINKLE WHERE ARE YOU?!” Twinkle? I thought. And then the dogs ears perked up. That must be the dogs name twinkle! I unclipped the necklace on the dog and it ran to a boy stepping out on the same path as me. ‘TWINKLE there you are!”

The boy had mousy brown hair just like me! He had bright blue eyes and was carrying ROUZY!! “ROUZY “I screamed. With her tail wagging at the speed of light she jumped out of the boys arms and at top speed sprinted towards me. “Hi my names Angus” said the boy “but you can call me Gus” .”Hi Gus my names Amy.”

Now as I looked down at the Twinkle she was wagging her tail and looked friendly. Rouzy and twinkle were playing! The change in her was remarkable. We are best friends now and Twinkle….. well she’s starting to like me.