Sitting on a gnarled tree, Serena gazed down at the world below. Before long, her mother appeared holding an ancient bronze book.

“I found this in the attic.” Serena’s mother reported as she ambled her way to her curious daughter.

“Thanks mother!” exclaimed Serena bubbling with excitement. Like an Autumn leaf, she sprung down the tree branch and grabbed the book from her mother’s arms.

Hastily, Serena began to wonder what stories the book held inside, so she carefully peeled open the cover. Suddenly, beams of light radiated from the book, before Serena began floating weightlessly up into the air like a feather up into the sky…

“Where am I?” Serena asked as the smell of salty air embraced her. The only thing she could see were striped green, blue and pink fish swimming around. That’s when she spotted a lion fish swimming furiously towards her. Although she tried to run away, she soon realized that instead of feet, she had a tail like a fish! Desperately, Serena wriggled like a worm in the soil, but she couldn’t move anywhere. Suddenly, the lion fish began to talk.

“Hi can you help me find my way back home?” it asked helplessly. Although Serena didn’t really make friends or like to help anyone but this time, she decided to help the lion fish, it looked so despondent.

“Sure!” Serena replied while navigating her way through the coral like a bird learning to fly. Finally, they came to a stop where there was a cave.

“Let’s go inside!” the fish cried exclaimed swimming in, where she was greeted by another lion fish.

“Grandma!” the lion fish cried, swimming towards outstretched arms.

“Come on in and have some food!” the grandma cried in delight. After finishing off a delectable feast, the lion fish noticed the blanket of sadness shrouding Serena’s face. Sighing the lion fish pulled out the same book from the attic.

“Come and visit us soon!” the fish sobbed, waving its fins.

“Bye!” Serena agreed. When she returned home, she hugged her mother as tightly as vines on a tree.

Always have a friend no matter or at least a friend.