I peered intently over the calm water, wondering what challenges awaited me. No challenge too big, no challenge too small – that was my motto. I was Wonderful William, the greatest superhero ever to walk the planet. My soul purpose in life was to save damsels in distress. This week I had already faced many grave dangers, including giant squids, with tentacles as thick as tree trunks, and ten tonne killer whales. Today however, things were very slow. The sun was high overhead and I was having trouble concentrating. The shade of a nearby tree was beckoning me. Not able to withstand the temptation any longer, I climbed down from my perch. 

After my rest, I fount it easier to focus. I scanned the water, like an eagle hunting its prey. From where I was sitting, I could see the whole pool. Noticing a commotion towards one end, I scrambled down from my vantage point. As I hurried over, my brother pointed at me and rolled his eyes. I decided to ignore him. 

‘What is the problem?’ I queried.

He didn’t answer, but then I was the dilemma. A small girl was swimming near a razor-toothed shark!

‘Stay calm’ I yelled, which was not only good advice for her, but for me also. How was I going to save her?

‘Think, think, think!’ I commanded myself.

Sharks were not my favourite animals, in fact I was petrified of them, but I had to rescue the oblivious child. Because I could not think of a logical way to save her, I plunged into the water, ready to tackle the shark.

The shark came closer. I waited for it to make the first move. 

Surprisingly, the shark did nothing, so I decided to make the most of the unusual situation. I lunged at the beast, clawing at it with all my strength. Unexpectedly, it seemed to shrink in my arms. I looked down suspiciously and realised that it was deflating!

‘Mum! William ruined another one of my inflatable toys! wailed my sister Kylie, gesturing towards a shriveled giant squid and killer whale, lying useless beside the pool. I grinned sheepishly. From the murderous look on my mother’s face, I could tell she didn’t think I was much of a superhero. 

Later that evening, my mother was still raving on my little stunt.

‘You’ve been watching too much television William. How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t wear underpants over those ridiculous tights!’ she hollered, glaring at my bright green pants. 

I sighed. A strong gust of wind rustled the living room curtains. I caught a glimpse of a soccer ball, lying forgotten, in the backyard and started to wonder. Perhaps, I wasn’t destined to be a superhero: William the world champion soccer player… now that had a much more attractive ring to it!