It was like a tennis ball,
Hurling itself into my heart.
Our toes sticking over the edge.
The buts had stopped us from the leap.

Wind rustling like it disapproved of the buts.
But who could blame us?
They always get in the way.

The buts were like a monster,
Never letting go of our souls
not allowing us to do what we wish.
Not this time.

“Ready?” I heard Sakura ask.
Butterflies fluttering in my stomach.
We finally had faith in the leap.

We felt like birds soaring through the sky
All the people I loved flashed through my mind
And how they had perished in the tsunami.

Now I could finally let go of all the pain.
We splashed into the ocean.
We had done it!
The but monster had been destroyed.

Finally, we had the courage to leap.