Misty awoke to the laughter of the children outside. Misty had never experienced snow because she was always too frightened of being hurt. She missed out on playing every day. Even when Misty was bored with being inside, she still stayed there. It was like something was stopping her, but what? Ella and Zoe were out that morning playing in the fuzzy, cold snow when they heard shrieking.

Ella and Zoe dashed to the sound to find people disappearing and reappearing from the most unexpected places. ‘The mystery puddle must have multiplied,’ thought Ella. ‘But how?’ Ella looked at all the puddles. People were trapped inside of them. They would not be out in time for Christmas! “This is a catastrophe!” Zoe yelled.

They ran back inside to see Misty staring out the frost covered window. “We need your help,” panted Zoe as she shivered in front of the heater. Zoe explained what she and Ella saw. Misty did not want to go outside. She realized she was stopping herself from helping people. That was not okay. Misty grabbed ropes, scarves, gloves, and beanies. “Let’s save the citizens of this city,” cried Misty. Nothing was holding her back.

She ran out the door; her feet were squelching in the frosty patches of snow. Misty ran to the first puddle. She pulled out her rope and put one side in the puddle. The person grabbed on, and Misty and her sisters lifted him out. Misty handed him a beanie, a pair of gloves, and a scarf. He tipped his hat to the sisters as he ran back to his home smiling. He would be home in time for Christmas.

Misty and her sisters kept pulling people out of the puddles. The girls were getting colder, and it was extremely late. The girls only had one more person to rescue. Zoe and Ella headed back inside. They thought Misty was behind them, but she wasn’t. Misty helped the last person out of the puddle. Misty handed the old lady beanies, gloves, and a scarf. The woman thanked her as she tip-toed back to her house smiling from ear to ear.

Misty bolted to her house and slowly opened the door. She sat in front of the heater. Her lips were blue, and she was as cold as ice. Misty slept on the couch which was close to the heater and fell asleep briskly. She was dreaming about getting over her fears which is what she had done today.

When Misty woke up, she felt warm and snug like a polar bear. She thought about the fellow citizens of the city which she and her sisters had saved last night. Misty did not want to be remembered by the town folks as a hero. She wanted to be remembered as a normal girl who helped others when they were in need and Misty guessed that is what her sisters wanted too.

The end

This is not the end. The adventure continues…