I turn to Mum and half listen, half not, as she tells me where she’s going,
I watch the door close, Finally, it closes.
I wait ten seconds and then close the lid of my laptop,
which I am supposed to be doing homework on, I jump onto the couch and turn the TV on.
Lightning fast I press the numbers to my favourite channel,
though to my disappointment there are only those super boring education shows on.

My eyes drift towards the kitchen. I go into the kitchen and stand on the table,
making sure that I am high enough to reach the cabinet, where my parents keep all the good food in.
By good food I mean the chocolate, lollies, all of the above.
I open the door and ruffle through the cabinet,
pushing protein bars and bags of healthy chips out of the way, which my parents put there as decoys.
I push my way to the very back of the cabinet.

A smile tugs at the corner of my mouth as I spy the lollies, bags upon bags of low nutrition wonders.
I am examining my options when I spot an already open bag of lolly snakes.
I’m about to dig in when I notice there are only six left.
I decide it’s too risky and put the snakes back,
Then I see a bag of fruit chews.
These are Mums favourite and I automatically know they are hers.
I stick my hand in the bag and pull out a massive handful.
I run back into the living room,
do a forward roll and land in the middle of the couch.
I turn on the TV and watch while I eat the delicious chews.

When I’m finished, I run upstairs, to my sister’s room.
I stuff the evidence under her bed, making sure to spread it out,
as if she had been doing it over a period of time.
Then I run downstairs and back to my laptop,
I turn it on and open up youtube.
Which my parents never let my watch,
I browse through the options to see what to watch.
I am about to choose something,
When I hear the ominous click of the door.
Mum is home.

I swiftly turn off youtube and go back to my homework,
and plug in my headphones.
Pretending to watch one of those educational videos, teachers set so that she won’t disturb me.
I act like I can’t see her as she walks past me towards the kitchen.
And that’s when I remember… I forgot to close the cabinet door.