“Dinners ready!” Mum called from the kitchen. Sakura ran down the stairs as her long black hair trailed behind her. Sakura is a bubbly and a curious gal who is 13 years old. “GET OUT OF THE WAY!!” Sosuke yelled. Sosuke is Sakura’s annoying and hyper twin brother who has short black hair and hazel eyes just like Sakura. “Sosuke, be nice to your sister.” Mum said exhaustedly. Sakura grinned and stuck her tongue out, Sosuke rolled his eyes. They all took a seat when suddenly the twins saw the food. “What is this?” Sosuke said while scooping and dropping the mysterious lump of gooey mash potatoes. “I think I lost my appetite” Sakura said. “I think I lost mine too.” Sosuke said under his breath.

As Sakura and Sosuke were playing video games in the living room they suddenly heard ‘grumble, grumble.’ “Are you hungry?” Sakura said. Sosuke nodded while focusing on the game. She got up and made her way to the kitchen but then ‘clatter, clash, plob, bang.’ “Where is that noise coming from?” Sakura muttered. “Hello?” she whispered.

Instantly, the noise stopped. Sakura became more curious. She quietly tiptoed to the kitchen and saw the fridge light open. Food came flying out of the fridge. “ARE YOU OKAY?” Sosuke yelled from the living room. Sakura got startled but didn’t answer. She heard a hiss coming from the fridge.

Sakura came closer and closer to the fridge, she put her hand on the fridge and swung the fridge door open. “AHHHHHHHH!!!” Sakura screeched. “AHHHHHH!” the creature squawked. “WHAT HAP- AHHHHHHH!!!!!” Sosuke squealed. The creature was small, had scarlet red skin, yellow razor sharp teeth, eyes like an owl and toy-like legs. “MUUUM!” Sosuke screamed at the top of his lungs. Mum bolted down  the stairs, “IT’S 12 AM IN THE MORNING!” she said angrily. “Th- the- THERE’S A FOUL CREATURE IN THE FRIDGE!” Sosuke yelled. “A what?” mum questioned. “There’s a monster in the fridge” Sosuke murmured. “Let me check.” mum said disappointedly. She opened the fridge and nothing was there but food stacked neatly on the shelves of the fridge. “There’s nothing there,” mum sighed. “I’m going back to bed AND YOU BETTER BE QUIET.” Mum said. “WAIT!”  Sakura said but mum ignored her because of how tired she was. “Where’d it go?” Sakura wondered. They checked the cupboards and found the monster eating their cereal. “That was my favourite cereal.” Sosuke said. “NOT ANYMORE!” Sakura said jokingly. They closed the cupboard door and came up with a plan to get rid of it.

“So here’s the plan. We will wear the thickest clothes we have, get a container big enough to catch it AND THROW THAT HORRID MONSTER OUT OF HERE!” Sosuke said.

They went to their room and looked for the thickest and sturdiest  clothes they had and wore many layers of it so if the monster bites them, it wouldn’t hurt them. They looked for a container and a lid that was just the right size to catch it. “Ok, 3,2,1…” and they opened the cupboard door and trapped the monster . THEY MISSED. “COME BACK HERE!” They both  said. After a few minutes they finally caught it! They wrapped the monster in
tape so many times that it was impossible to unwrap it.
 “On the count of, 3, we throw the container out the door, 1, 2, 3!” Sakura said.

“WEEEEEE!” The monster went out the window.
“What a day!” they both said and the monster was never seen again!