“Where is dad,” I asked mum.

She didn’t reply so I asked again. This time she looked at me and then ignored my question and continued washing the dishes.

I walked up to her and asked what the matter was and then she told me to follow her to the couch to sit with her so she could chat with me about something important. I didn’t say anything instead just followed her to the couch. My heart was beating as I was scared that this wasn’t going to be some good news. 

           “Look darling your father left me because…”

“Because what huh! You can’t even take care of someone properly,” I interrupted.

           “Look sweetheart I know you love your dad so much but he thought I was annoying so he left me,” explained mum.

I was so devastated that I went upstairs to my room. After a while I got myself back together and played on my x-box . Just then my mum enters my room and says to go to bed as it 8:30. I got really annoyed of her but she said that if I didn’t sleep then I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in my class the next day. She tucked me in my bed but I was really angry because I had to listen to her all the time and her silly rules.

It was the next morning and I got ready for school and headed downstairs. I didn’t feel like having breakfast but my mum forced me to eat it and that was it, I was done with her!

“Seriously why do I have to eat! You tell me to do everything! I can’t even make my own decisions! I have had enough of you nagging. So this afternoon I am going to dad’s place and live with him! And no I am not eating any Oatmeal. If there is anything that I wanted to eat than that would be ice-cream !”

“But son it’s not nagging I am just trying to care for you.”

“I don’t care I am going!”

That was it I left her and after school went to dad’s place! It’s was very stinky there because the trash hadn’t been taken out for days. The next day I was extremely hungry but there was only ice-cream in the fridge and I wanted something more filling and warm. I also had a headache as I spent hours gaming and hardly had 2 hours of sleep. I asked dad why he only had ice-cream in the fridge and told him to make me something warm to eat but he replied that he didn’t know how to cook. That time I realised that I had it all wrong.

I was very ashamed but I managed to talk to mum and tell her that I understood why she did everything.

“You weren’t nagging you were caring!,” I told her.  She forgave me and I followed her rules and everything worked out perfect.