One nice sunny morning two sisters (Summer and Chloe) headed off to the beach at Varoonda Grove in Melbourne.

“Wheee!” Summer shouted, “I’m sooo excited!”. “Me too!”, Chloe shouted back. The girls ran around like mad cats until they got puffed out and took in their surroundings when they noticed an enormous mound of sand just sitting there. “Hey! What’s that enormous mound of sand?”, Summer shouted, suddenly stopping. “You say we go check it out?”. There was a long silent pause. The only sound that disrupted the silence was the usual scream of some stranger in the distance. After a quick few minutes, Chloe replied, “Sure”.

So, the girls turned around towards the mound and started sprinting towards it. They dug up the sand with their bare hands until they found out that under that humongous mound of sand was a very old, but, interesting brown boat. Then they scooped up the sand out from inside of the boat, some of it sneaking out of their fingers.

After they finished, they went to ask their mom and dad if they could go and ride the boat with much persuasion. Just as they had hoped they won the argument. So, the pair walked slowly (as they were dragging the boat behind them) to the shore. The girls, thrilled, took the boat out to the sea, hopped in and paddled into the deep waters.

“Oooh!” this is sooo much fun!” exclaimed Summer getting restless. “I absolutely agree” replied Chloe. The girls drifted out to the sea. They completely lost track of the time. After about what felt like a very long time, the girls found themselves on an island.

“WWWOOOWWW!” whispered Summer in admiration. “Cool!” Chloe gasped. “It’s like a CANDYLAND!” they both exclaimed in unison.

The girls had the time of their lives eating all types of candies like cotton candy for trees, gumdrops for flowers, jelly beans for pebbles, candy melts for lily pads, and last but not least, the grand melted chocolate waterfall. Once they were finally full to the brim, they started thinking, how will they reach home?

The girls decided they will think about that tomorrow morning as they were super tired. They built a nice strong shelter and called it a night. The moment their heads touched the pillows (made of marshmallows) they fell into a deep sleep.

“Haaww!” Summer yawned very loudly. “Come on wake up sleepyhead. It’s a beautiful new day. Time to find a fresh new path to get home.” “Haaww!” (yawn) I’m up.” muttered Chloe. They had a great time exploring the island when they found a tiny but pretty and super adorable cottage.

“Let’s go knock on the door” whispered summer.

They went and knocked on the door. A wise-looking, short, and a very old lady opened the door for them. “Hello?” she said in a calm and caring voice. “Hi!” replied Chloe in a polite but a ting of cautiousness in her voice. “We were wondering if you could help us find our way home?” blabbered Summer in the same tone that Chloe had used. “Yes sure, come in, come in.”, the old lady assured them and invited them inside.

Her house smelt lavender perfume, fragrant candles lit all around and a few hanging lights dangling from the ceiling. But most of all what had caught Chloe’s and Summer’s eyes was that the house was made of gingerbread. “Please call me Esmerelda”, she told them in her calm and sensitive voice. “And yes, I can help you get home. Do you have a boat?” she said with a twinkle in her eye as though she had read their minds. “Yes, indeed we do.” the girls replied in unison.

“Hmmm… I have to trust you for this before I give it to you” Esmeralda mumbled so quietly that no one could hear her. Then she immediately got thirsty. She told the girls, “I am going to get some water.” She rushed off with a candy-made bucket in her hand. She told the girls that she wouldn’t take too long and with that, she hurried off. After a very long time, the old lady still hadn’t returned from the river and the girls had started to get worried. So, they set off in search of Esmeralda.

On the way, they met a few animals that could talk and the girls found it very peculiar but they took hold of their curiosity and asked them if they have seen an old lady with a walking stick. But all replied no. At last, after that, they thought, what if she had drowned in the lake! They rushed up to the lake and just as they feared she was shouting for help! The girls held their breath and plunged into the thick river of melted chocolate, grabbed some rocks to get closer to her and pushed her out. Once Esmeralda was safely standing on solid ground again, the girls climbed out.

Once they were back inside Esmeralda’s gingerbread house, Esmeralda told them “I now know that I can trust you.”. What in the world is she talking about, thought Chloe and Summer at that same moment. They both have very confused looks drawn upon their faces. Then Esmeralda explained, “I know how to swim perfectly well, but, I was testing you if I could trust you.”. Then she gave them a bottle.

“Here take this spell and tell it to your boat.” whispered and then winked. The girls rushed up to their boat tried the spell a few times until it worked, hopped in and then enjoyed a long journey back home.

Once they reached home they hid the boat in their garage and dragged themselves inside their house. They were very tired indeed and their very comfy beds looked so inviting that they dropped onto them and fell into a nice deep sleep and immediately started thinking to start a fresh new adventure.