I heard a movement down the track bellow, Jumped on my horse to get my share of gold. The stagecoach stand so charming in the snow, With treasures inside I doubt I can hold. As I moved closer to get a better view, I kept myself hidden in the quiet bush. Inside sat a young lady dressed in blue, With such beauty I doubt even I can ambush. Her hair blond, like gold shining in the sun, Eyes glistening, like water in the wind. She was laughing with a boy, having fun, A sense of bitterness went through my mind. So out I went, stepping into the open, With guns in hand, I can’t push the trigger. Soon the coach stopped, filled with fear unspoken, The girl screams and the light inside flickers. Out in there I stood, not daring to shoot, For fear to hurt my angel, love at first sight. I seek a way out, way to start pursuit, I think of a way, so I can take flight. But I see the boy with whom she held hands, His eyes filled with anger, stands up to fight. I know now is the time to make my plans, To kill for the gold or go out of sight. I took a last glance at my love, my beauty, Turned away, leading my horse into a run. I can’t risk hurting her for some jewellery, For she, my angel is the only one. I went back to camp thinking of her eyes, As blue as the sky, as bright as the star. Maybe one day, my own chance will arise, When my chance comes, I will take her away far.