The atmosphere was struck with an unusual wave of heat like on a hot summer day. Confusion and worry spread all across the civilians of the town. Smoke as black as charcoal filled the air, a slight breeze brushing the bushes around the area grew the tension.

Nothing moved. The citizens were alerted and abandoned the area like insects fleeing a human. An oblivious small boy trotted along the evacuated streets and corners to this usually lively and bustling city. The boy moved forward, carelessly hopping around unsafe areas with no supervision.

Hells gate unlocked starting a crackling sound in the silent streets. The little boy scouted the area like a predator looking for its prey, hearing the crackles but unaware of the immense danger he had to face. He ignored the sounds and marched forward dancing along the humid city.

Then it went up. It flared up from the bushes like a horrifying animal and flared up higher along with a terrifying spark landing near the boy and lighting up the surroundings, which sent the poor souls that were left behind shrieking and running for their lives. All of a sudden, the inferno caught flame to half of the town slowly burning the houses made of flammable materials and yet it was still growing.

It was moving dangerously close to the small boy. His jaw dropped when he finally saw the whole wicked beauty of the fire. He quivered and began hastily scrambling back to safety, but it was too late. The core of the flames exploded up blocking the route that the boy planned on taking and sparks started flying in his direction. The flames started spreading all across the town turning everything it touched into ash.

Houses shook and crumbled in the face of such horror, the horizon was polluted with smoke and ash was scattered everywhere. The boy had wandered a long way from home, daydreaming and stumbling along. Could he possibly make it out of the frightening flames? Would he ever make it home? The flames intensified and were edging closer to the little boy with sudden bursts of wind threatening his existence. the terrible force started cutting him and surrounded the defeated boy, slowly burning his soft skin.

Suddenly the boy had an impulsive idea and ran as fast as he could to the to the corner of the street and proceeded to leap onto one of the remaining cars. His tired body worked vigorously to jump from car to car until eventually he found himself at the tallest possible structure he could make it to: the roof of a small building, instinct told the boy that this was the only way to survive this nightmare.

The fire raged on beside the boy who was unharmed at the top of an apartment. Hours passed and the gate to hell sealed shut leading the fire to its end. The remains the city cackled and screeched in agony, smoke blasted out from all directions. The city that once calmed visitors with its elegance had now turned into an abyss of smoke and ash the remains dotted the scarred landscape.

However safe on the roof safe on the roof the boy looked down cautiously and realised that it was over. Looking puzzled the boy wiped the ash off of his face and decided to do a celebratory dance and walked home with a big grin on his face.