Now one of those same creatures that started this whole mess was heading straight towards Thomas, fangs bared and eyes like two huge bulbs on the side of its head. There was only one option. Thomas charged straight toward the stalker.

This took the creature by surprise, but its urge to kill soon took over and it launched itself right toward Thomas. He quickly side stepped the creature and it slid on the hard, dry sand bashing right onto the log. The stalker looked up but Thomas was already on top of the crumbling building, his eyes stinging with pain from all the sand and dust.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins and he was fully alert and ready for any sign of danger. “Bang!” a sharp pain shot through his back and he was thrown to the ground. He groaned and rolled over onto his back then looked up. There it was, a stalker leaning over his face drooling in anticipation.

This is it Thomas thought and his mind began to slip away already accepting defeat. “Bang!” nearby a loud gunshot rang out across the desert. Thomas squinted and saw in disbelief that there were people wearing hazmat suits. As he tried helplessly to watch, his mind began to slip away and darkness took him to unconsciousness.