Are you scared of mummies, ghosts and the boogey man that lives under your bed? Well, I’m not, I mean I wasn’t, not until my tenth birthday. It all started in a foggy day of October at school camp. The darkness had spread across the sky, and it was my turn to tell a spooky story.  It was about the boogey man, a mummy, and a ghost. It was so terrifying that all the children were hidden in their blankets and biting their nails. Suddenly, a deep, loud thundering voice boomed “Night-time, night-time children. Everyone please go to your beds”. Phew, it was only the principal. I snuggled up in my warm blanket.

My forehead was burning, and I was wet with sweat. A slimy black hand was gripping the leg of my bed. IT WAS THE BOOGEY MAN! THE REAL BOGEY MAN! I was sure the boogey man didn’t exist but there it was in front of me. I ran up the to sleep at the top of the bunk bed. A translucent white figure erupted from the bed. IT WAS A REAL GHOST! My next stop was the bathroom. “Sorry,” I said. Someone was already in there. ACTUALLY IT WAS A REAL MUMMY. OK  this is getting way too crazy! I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming but somehow, I wasn’t. I started to run, run for my life. I didn’t know where I was going but that was fine. I knew I was running away from the monsters.

Click. Click. Click. A strong arm grabbed my shoulder. A flashlight was on me. It was the principal. He seemed like a giant compare to me. “Your story was an irresponsible choice  James. Charlie hid under the blanket; Harry went under your bed and Jack wrapped himself in toilet paper. Therefore, I shall call your parents and they will decide what to do with you,” said the principal leading me to the camp. That day, my mum took my iPad but it was worth scaring my friends.