The wall is so big and tall,
It is the biggest of them all.
I want to know what is on the other side,
Though it looks like I am gonna hide.

But one day the wall came down,
It made a noise all over town.
I slowly made my way near the wall,
Now it really was not so tall.

I saw a fountain with water so blue.
I saw a shadow – who did it belong to?
I made my way to the shadow so big,
It looked just like a thingamajig!

I came closer to the shadow and loved what I saw.
It was a giant arcade! Don’t tell me this is a bore.
And the shadow came from a giant game,
It was called ‘The Lion Needs a Mane’.

Then something else caught my eye,
It was the biggest ever pie!
It was purple on top and pink on the bottom,
It looked like it was made of cotton.

I went inside to tell my Mum,
And as I walked I did a little hum.
But as soon as I got back to the wall,
It had suddenly grown back twice as tall.