Australia, Australia,
One big and beautiful land.
From desert plains to lush forests,
sand dunes, the deep blues and mud lands.

Australia, Australia,
We have animals to treasure.
Echidnas, Possums and Emus.
We take care of them in pleasure.

Australia, Australia,
Crystal clear water is here,
leading onto oceans and seas.
Makes delightful sounds when to ear.

Australia, Australia,
We have the Torres Strait Islands,
close to our coastal Queensland shores.
Up north they are known as the dry lands.

Australia, Australia,
Here I dream, here I play and want to stay.
Life here is fun with boomerangs.
Here we have many sandy bays.

Australia, Australia,
I leave my handprint on you.
As a Koori girl I am,
from New South Wales I leave blue.