Are you happy my friend?
Every day I see you hoping your suffering will come to an end
Your fake smile obliterates mine
You can’t just pretend

I remember when your real smile faded
I remember when you were left alone in this world
Your life was torn apart like a piece of paper cut in half
Scrunched up, cast out and thrown away

I remember!
I remember!
I remember my thoughts last night
I have made up my mind
For you, I’ll be the friend I never had

When people’s touch scares you, I’ll be your blanket
When people’s eyes haunt you, I’ll be your blindfold
When people’s words hurt you, I’ll be your earphones, playing a sweet melody just for you

There are people who see you as a shattered piece of glass
A rose constantly being plucked at
Losing its ability to stand

A rose may perish, but I know you
There is a bright light inside of you trying to burst out
But I see you failing

I see perseverance is your specialty
You’ve managed to trick everyone with your ‘happy life’
You’ve managed to alter your blatant lies into truths
Aren’t you annoyed with yourself?
I can hear you shouting for help through the words “I’m fine”

I can hear it

Your “I’m fine” speech just doesn’t work with me
All I can hear are the words “Save me”

I know you really want someone to understand you
And help you overcome the pain you’re going through

So I’ll find the map that leads to the sad you
I will search for the X which stops your happiness and tear it apart with such force where your eyes will open only to see fireworks of euphoria, never leaving your side until your frown reaches for the stars, stretching across your lips until your face hurts.

Your colourless world, I’ll paint it orange and green
After all, my palate was made for your appeal.
And if you do want to tell me more
I’ll buy the primary shades of red, yellow and blue
Then together we can make a new hue, a new life for you
Then you can finally replace your sadness with me
And I will show you what the colours of the rainbow mean

I’ll be your rope
clasping onto the top of the mountain so you can grab onto me when you can’t climb anymore
Anytime you feel insecure, I’ll be your filter to make you see the best of you!

So whenever your years are full of Winter,
I’ll cast a spell so you can experience Summer, Autumn and Spring.
And if that doesn’t work, I’ll stay here beside you waiting for your cold beginnings to finally end.

Until the day comes when you smile without having to pretend
I’ll still be your wings so you can get back up and continue to fly again
High in the sky soaring through the wind
And when you are confident enough to let go of my hand,
I’ll reply with a smile,
“Are you happy now, my friend?”