He looks out to sea with those cold blue eyes,
He imagines a place never seen before by him. The cold blue sea looks up at him urging him on, The wind fills the sails and heaves them along.

The crew behind him scurry along hoisting the sails, Tending to their wounded who look up at them, Staring into the distance,
To a land never seen by man,
Hearing the whipping he turns his head, And looks on with those cold blue eyes.

He stands at the prow,
The wind in his face calling directions,
Looking onward towards a better future,
With those cold blue eyes.

Storms brew, trees bend and groan,
Thunder rumbles, lightning strikes.
But still he perseveres,
The world seems to go against him.

Then land comes into view,
Then a porpoise or two,
Then a sandy coloured dog.
Bounding along on two, powerful legs.