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Almalayika (Angels in Arabic)

By Feteema
Year 10
Southern River College
, wa
Teacher: Marc Bikim
In Almalayika, my piece of art, it shows themes that depicts serenity and heaven. In the absence of animosity and violence, peace is a concept of societal friendliness and harmony. Peace is widely used in a social context to refer to the absence of conflict and the absence of fear of violence between persons or organisations. There are certain areas where peace does not exist, but there is one place where there is absolute peace, and that is heaven, whether religious or simply a pleasant dream. Heaven is a subjective concept that may be interpreted in a variety of ways. It is more of a sense of calm and pleasure, which can be shown via a variety of means, such as painting, because art can provide you tranquilly. I sought to depict these elements in this artwork by utilising angels, who are the most prevalent character in this subject. An angel with wings is seen in the painting gazing into the audience. I picked light colours for the overall picture because white, soft, and pastel colours indicate peace. This is because lighter colours convey a subtle sense to the audience since they are delicate and aren't bright or harsh, which may be overpowering or uncomfortable to look at at times. I also made her eyes and pupils larger, as these eyes represent innocence and purity, which are frequent in most peaceful prey animals like deer. I also painted an apple blossom on her headband since these flowers are symbolic of purity and peace. I painted this painting to give hope because there have been many events and issues around the world recently that have ruined the peace and paradise depicted in this painting, making people lose hope in humanity and this world, and so I wanted to bring this hope out by painting the feeling of peace, paradise, and heaven as a person or an angel, to make those individuals feel good when viewing this and have hope for the future.
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