The first few rays of dawn were like the golden beams of a fragile hand. The warm summer wind blew affectionately on my back. I raced outside. I saw no one. Everybody was gone. My heart sank to my toes, I was all alone. I frantically grabbed my tattered bike with its torn handles and rusty tires. I left our tiny house, racing down the streets without any idea of where to go in mind. The wind blew ferociously on me like a sword slicing across my face. But who was going to help me? There was no one.

I had been riding for what seemed like an eternity.  My back was aching, and my hands were bright red from riding my bike. Tremendous storm clouds were heading in my direction. I was being followed. It was as if I did something wrong that dissatisfied the furious clouds and they were coming for me. I stood still as the shrieking wind blew across the tiny dirt track. I shivered uncontrollable with fear. But there was nobody. Just me. I was all alone.

I was tiny compared to the storm clouds; they were a million times my size. I cried for my beloved family. But now they were all gone. I was all alone in this enormous world, yet I am so small. I cried in desperation. But how was that going to help? I had to do everything on my own.

I focused on a tiny raindrop that fell alone onto my nose.  I could imagine that it was here to tell me that I shouldn’t give up on trying to find my family. No matter what. Suddenly, splatters of shiny, clear raindrops fell down from the sky. One by one, they motivated me as I jumped on my bike and decided to continue my long journey.

I searched day and night. But it was as if my family had disappeared from the world. Finally, I returned to the tiny home with its slanted roof and glimmering walls. My father had once built this with such love and care. Nothing could have knocked this down! But I can be knocked down, by the wind or the cold. I was a tiny speck of nothing. I was all alone. I wanted to give up. Everything was too hard.

I left the tiny home I loved so much. I couldn’t stand the feeling of my lost family. Year after year. I haven’t been back. I lived an isolated life, with nobody to love or care for me. I dealt with that for years, until I finally had enough courage to go back to the tiny house.

It sat still on the bare ground. It was completely empty. I was all alone.