I crept across the hallway clutching the book ready to pounce on the thief. Sweat trickled down my head as I tiptoed down the stairs, pausing at every sound. A small rustling sound came from the kitchen, and I slowly peeked around the corner into the kitchen.

A small figure was standing in front of the fridge, it’s many arms reaching into the fridge and shoving food into its mouth. My eyes widened and I let out a small squeak and quickly ducked out of sight before the little monster would see me. What is it? How did it get in? I thought, coming up with scenarios each with horrible endings. My fingernails dug into the books cover, and I slowly tiptoed across the doorway, to the other side. A small creak of the floorboards, and the monster whipped it’s head across to my direction. It’s front was even uglier than it’s back, it’s big eyes red and glowing, drool dripping off it’s big mouth. I let out a little yelp, stumbling back, running for the stairs.

I quickly ducked into a closet, locking the door, moving the vacuum cleaner to make room for me. I heard the monsters claws scratching against our floorboards, as it dragged its body across the floor towards the closet. I squished myself against the shelves, covering my mouth to muffle the sound of my breathing, and just as I thought I was about to die, the monster turned a corner, and continued down the hallway. I breathed a sigh of relief, and pressed my ear against the door to try and guess where it was headed. It sounded like it was going to my room, which definitely was not good.

I slowly opened the door again, and tiptoed down the stairs to the phone. I pressed the phone against my ear, dialling the town police number and waited. And waited. Finally, a woman’s voice answered and said, “RUN WE ARE BEING INVADED BY ALIENS!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” and the line dropped dead. I slammed the phone down, and bolted upstairs, realising that the monster in my house must an alien. I held the book to my chest, skidded down the hallway and charged through my door, the alien was bouncing up and down on my bed.

“Oh no you don’t!” I said, and slammed the book down on the furry alien. It seemed to sort of squelch under my book. I lifted it up, and saw a green muck on my bed. “Ew.” I said, but then quickly grabbed a backpack from my closet and shoved some clothes in it. I grabbed the only picture of my dead parents I had, and ran to the kitchen, grabbing food on the go. I had to go warn my Aunt. She was in town, and probably also running from aliens.

I grabbed my bike, shoving my backpack in the basket, and quickly cycled through the forest and down the hill to the small town not far from our house. I could already see the tiny little furballs rampaging through the streets and to the mall. Oh no… I thought, that was where my Aunt was. My legs were already numb from the late night coldness, and I was starting to slow down, “No, no, oh come on!” I said, pinching my legs to get them going again. I slowly started to pick up pace, and in no time I was nearly in town.

I could already see the green furballs clearly enough, they were pulling down the whole town! I shoved my bike down, I seized my backpack, and ran to the mall. By the time I got there, the aliens were already invading the building, clothes were being thrown, vegetables flying everywhere, it was a big mess. I was about to go and find my Aunt, when a big green furball came skidding around the corner and-

I woke up with a gasp, clutching my blanket so tight that my knuckles were white. I looked around me, and realised I must’ve been dreaming. My shoulders sank in relief, as I closed my eyes inhaling deeply. Oh thank god that wasn’t true, I thought, what a real nightmare! Suddenly, my bedroom door flew open, a picture of the eiffel tower on the wall beside it crashed to the floor. A small, green, fluffy figure was standing there, a big, sloppy grin slowly growing on it’s horrible ugly face, as an hideous scream rose up my throat…