One crisp morning, Queen Frog Isla strolled to the pristine lake to drink some water. While she was striding to the water, a puff of colourful smoke greeted her. The magical fairy was back! Frazzled, the curious creature had a message for Isla.

“The evil fairy has arrived! She’s going to fight you on that bridge!” announced the fairy.
Scoffing, the frog didn’t believe the fairy, so she continued forward. When Isla came to the lake, she stuck her tongue out to drink the refreshing water.

All of a sudden, a malevolent shadow emerged in front of her.
“Ahh!!!” shouted the Queen Frog.
“Mwa hah ha!” cackled the sinister fairy.
Mortified, Isla tried to leap to the other side of the bridge, but the evil fairy stopped her, a boulder in a stream.

Like hot oil, Isla leapt as high as she could, but she still couldn’t get across. Malicious, the evil fairy smiled a nasty grin, showing her broken, yellowing teeth.

“I challenge you to fight me!” announced the wicked fairy.
Although Isla fought as hard as she could, it still wasn’t enough. What was she going to do? Silence was deafening as the sinful monster took her time, torturing the awaiting victim. Tipping the frog’s head back, the sinister fairy poured poisonous potion into Isla’s open mouth. Like a stone, the frog plummeted to the ground.

Cruelly, the immoral fairy cackled, grinning at the unmoving animal before her. Luckily, the benevolent fairy had spotted what was happening. Swiftly, she placed a spell on the unsuspecting Isla, bringing her back to life. Emerging from her hiding spot, the kind-hearted fairy stood up to the unassembled beast. Swiftly flicking her magical wand, the malevolent creature howled in pain as it burst into scorching flames, banished, never to be seen in Isla’s garden again.

As the frog recovered, she was surprised to see her magical friend. Grateful, she hopped away with the fascinating fairy trailing behind her through the grand doors of a towering castle.