Dark, sinister thoughts flow through his mind,
The bitter wind brushes past, but he hardly notices it.
His ways are cruel and cold but so is his heart,
And you can’t change your ways as easily as you think.

He curses and curses; he continues to mutter,
But nothing can change his past or his undecided fate.
The moonlight glistens on the deep ocean,
And the bright stars will guide his way.

He tosses and turns for sleep to come,
But with so many dying from illnesses it is too hard to rest.
He could be next to catch the deadly sickness,
And he could be next to rest his eyes.

A hot fever trickles through his tough body,
He continues to fight though he is struggling.
He fears that this journey will be his last,
As it has been for his fellow crew members.

He struggles against the pain as it hits him in a wave,
Days have started to feel like long months.
The little demon tries to help him cool down,
By putting cold, wet cloths on his burning forehead.

He struggles to speak but strains a few words,
Though they are his last; silence fills the air.
His tired, weary eyes gradually close,
They are going to rest there.