I walk along deserted beach
Soft sand between my toes
I smell something that is not right
I think it is a rose

I go on through the gritty sand
Up to the water’s edge
The clear blue water’s calling me
Next time I will, I pledge

I sit down on my picnic rug
Set to eat a feast
Getting my massive sandwich out
It looks just like a beast

I gobble my huge sandwich down
I get out my new ball
Throw it across the hot, dry sand
Grab it and make a call

And then out of the blue I’m joined
It’s great to have a friend
We giggle and laugh for hours
Our day is near the end

We get some greasy fish and chips
Salty, crunchy, warm
We sit down on the fresh, green grass
The seagulls start to swarm

We jump into our little cars
Say a tired goodnight
We slowly wave and then drive off
While sleepy birds take flight