Part 1

“What should we do with her? She just won’t be sold!” Dad said, glancing at me. I frowned, “Dad! It’s me! Can’t you see?!” I tried to yell at him, but all that came out were desperate meows and hisses. Dad looked down at me, “Look, kitty, I think that you need to leave! You’ve been here for over one week now, and I don’t think that I can afford to keep you!” he said, bending down to pick me up. I flung my arm at him, digging my claws into the fresh skin, and Dad howled in pain. I’m sorry, but I have to! I thought, and finally detached my claws from the skin. “Ok, ok… fine. You can stay, but only for one more day!” he croaked, and I smiled in satisfaction, finally. I walked away purring and climbed onto the sofa to watch some TV.

If you didn’t know, I actually used to be a little 10-year-old girl, but now I am a cat. It all happened when I was walking home from school, and I was crossing the street to our house. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a big truck came barging around the corner, after that, all I remember was blackness, screaming, and then nothing. I was floating, somewhere, I didn’t know, it was black, yet white, I couldn’t feel anything, it just felt as if my whole body went numb. Then suddenly, I appeared in the world again, just this time, I was in a cat litter. I had tried to move, but I couldn’t, and all I could see around me were squirmy little baby kittens, also trying to move! Anyway, so that was how I ended up at my old house, being born from my old pet cat, Amelia, that was now somehow my Mother.

Life was pretty peaceful, in fact, better than peaceful! I had everything I wanted, no work, love from the family, food, you get the point, but that all changed one day, when Mum and Dad decided to sell me!

I had already seen the family they were going to give me to, and I didn’t like them one bit. The Mum and Dad were fine, but they had a little 6-year-old girl, and I knew that she would just bother me all the time, I used to do that with Amelia, and now I was in her position. I remember swearing to God that I would never ever do anything wrong to Amelia ever again. I absolutely hated the fact that I was going to be separated from my family. I now wished that I had at least been grateful when I was a human, and had told them how much I loved them, and how much I wanted to thank them. But of course, it was too late now, and I couldn’t say anything, I was just a kitten that was cute to look at. But at least I could stay for one more day, I would solve the problem tomorrow, when it finally comes.

I watched TV and lounged and purred on my family’s laps for the rest of the day. I loved it, and I tried with all my might to at least tell them who I really was, and how much I was grateful for them. I don’t think I really succeeded, because they just smiled, and laughed.
“Ha, you are a very loud kitten! I wonder what they’ll call you, Loudie? Magna, for

loud in Latin? That really would be funny!”, I heard my older sister, Sophia say. I purred in pleasure, and tried to smile, though it was quite hard to do when you didn’t quite have lips like a regular human.
“Yeah… I really wish we could keep her!”, Tommy my little brother said, my ears pricked up, and I climbed on to his lap. “Ha! See?! She really wants to be kept!” he said, and I snuggled up into his lap, purring extra loudly.

“No, Tommy. It’s just a coincidence,” Sophia said and I stopped purring. “We really have to give her away… I’m sorry”, she said, sadly dipping her head. I ran away to my old room, I really needed some quiet time. I snuggled into my doona, as the familiar smell of my past life wafted into my nose. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Streaks of light squeezed into my room from the gaps in the curtains. I yawned, and stretched my paws, flexing them to get my joints moving. For a moment I actually forgot that I was a cat, and I called out to Mum, but all that came out of my mouth was a little ‘meow!’ and I was suddenly shot back down to reality. The happiness that had filled me suddenly drained out, and I slumped down in a bad mood.

“Kitty, Kitty! It’s time for you to meet your new owners!” I heard Dad say. I jumped back in shock, and made a sound that was more like a yowl, then a cute ‘meow!’. No, no, no, no, no! I thought, and scrambled under the bed, hiding myself behind the box that contained my childhood toys.

My whiskers twitched, as Dad entered my room, looking around for me.
“Kitty, kitty! I know you are in here! Stop hiding, don’t be scared!” he said, walking around. “Your new owners are waiting for you! Please, just come out! Don’t embarrass me, please!” he whispered, and for a second I wanted to shoot out, and cuddle up to him. He sounded so broken and helpless. “You remind me of Emma, so much…” I heard him say, and tears filled my eyes. I’m here, Dad! I’m right here! I was screaming in my head, but dared not say as he would find me.
“Audrey, can you see anything?!” Dad said. “No, I can’t see anything! It doesn’t help that she’s black!” Mum said, shining the torch under the bed. She crouched down even more, trying to squeeze her head under the shallow bed. “If we don’t find her, the owners will be so mad!” she said, looking around frantically. “Then what do we do?!” Sophia said, crouching down next to Mum. “Hey, Tom, how about you squeeze yourself under there, and try to get her out!” Sophia said, turning around. Mum and Dad also nodded. “Yeah, you are very small, Tommy! Please!”, Mum pleaded, and Dad gave him a begging look. “You know I have claustrophobia, Mum, Dad! And plus, I think I’m too big!”, he exclaimed, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, did you hear that?!” Sophia said, “I think she really is under the bed! I heard a sigh of relief!” and I nearly bumped my head, from shock, NO! PLEASE NO! I thought. A few moments later, I was exposed to them. They had literally dragged the bed to the side, to see if I was there. I yelped, and hissed and scratched them if they came close, making sure that they wouldn’t give me away.
This didn’t help, because they actually brought the owners upstairs, to bribe me into the cage. They started smiling and cooing me, putting food into the cage, saying that it would be fine. I didn’t even like cat food! I honestly only eat proper human food. Finally, they got gloves and shoved me into the cage! I screamed and kicked, while the girl watched me, smugly. I gave her the evil eye, I’ll deal with her later.

Part 2

The truck rumbled under my feet, as we drove to their house. I hissed and bit the girl whenever she dared to poke her
Issue 4, 2020

stubby little fingers into the gaps of the small cage. “Ouch! Mummy, Daddy! The kitty’s biting me! Naughty!” she would say. “Don’t worry, Sweetie! She’ll get better”, the mother said. Then the girl started rocking the cage about, and twisting it round and round till I got dizzy, and all as a big blur. My eyes watered in the wind, and I felt as if my heart was climbing up my throat! It was as if God was teasing and playing with me, and I didn’t like it one bit.
We finally arrived at the house after about 1 hour. It was a horrid mansion, so high, that even their truck looked small. I gulped. We drove in the gates, and the family took me out of the truck. “Can I hold her?!” the girl whined, in her squeaky voice. I glared at her, hissing.

“Ah, Ah, ah! Naughty girl! Darling, I don’t think you really should–” the Mum said. “I WANT TO HOLD HER!!!” the girl screamed, interrupting her poor mother. “Oh, darling! All right, dear, you can hold her, be careful!” the mother said, and I nearly choked, but the little girl giggled, and laughed in glee.
The little girl, apparently called Lucy, took me up to her room. She kept on hugging and squeezing me too tight! I raced around the room, trying to find an escape, but all the windows and doors were closed! Finally, she had to go have lunch, and I had time to rest, but I was still locked up in her room. I howled and howled, but nothing happened.

Part 3

Suddenly, the door opened a creak, and a little maid stepped into the room. “Hello, I’ve heard so much about you!” she whispered. “Are you all right? I know that Lucy can be a bit of a pain, oh you poor thing… you are probably very tired. Here, I brought you some food”, she said, and I jumped up. I purred and went up to her, to show my gratitude. “Aww, look, I really shouldn’t be doing this… but how about I let you out.

But you have to be VERY quiet!” she said, and I meowed in return, trying to nod my head. She laughed. “Ha, you are very clever, kitty!” she said, and I smiled.
A few minutes later, I was outside! It really was that easy to escape! I smirked, and meowed quietly to the nice lady, and ran away, I kept on looking back, making sure that they wouldn’t suddenly catch me, but suddenly, I was on the road, and a car was coming towards me, it tried to swerve, but it was too late. Black, black, dark, nothing.

“Wha– where,” I began, but then somebody grasped my hand, my eyes shot open, I had hands! I had feet, I had everything! I was back to be a human! “Mum?!” I asked, “Emma! Oh my goodness! You’re back!” I heard Mum say, and then everything became clear. I could see I was in a hospital and I could see that I was next to Mum and Dad and my two siblings. I nearly cried with happiness as I realised that I was back to human form! “Mum, Dad, Sophia, Tommy!” I choked, “I– I” Began to say but we all just started crying, and hugging.