It was early, at least 3 o’clock in the morning; the smell of alcohol protruded through my pink walls. The tumultuous words barrelled over even the thickest of pillows, fear followed me, it clung onto my soul, deep into the messed-up ruins of my inner self.

I have olive skin that is lacquered with scratches and bruises. My long straight hair was a tangle of dark bushy brown mess that had a very uncomfortable knot at the back of it. Tears rolled down my smooth face, sliding along my cheekbones and down onto the ground. My door was barricaded, like it always was, just in case. I didn’t really think it would happen, I thought we were safe here now.

I had never stayed in the same place for long, always moving, just in case. That made making friends a hard task, which I gave up on early. The sound of their yelling made tears stream down my face, what should I do? I heard a pummelled, frail body hit the ground hard, the yelling stopped, the sound stopped, my heart stopped.

He trudged up the hallway, scuffling and tripping as he went. A demented beast, that I always knew to run from. My heart pumped in my chest, threatening to break open; my slim body was wrapped into a tight ball, too scared to move. I was just waiting, listening and hoping against all hope that I would wake up from this nightmare.

I knew there was no time to hope, I had to go! I had to run once again from my fears. I picked up my old toy monkey that lay, a rag on my bed, I stuffed some clothes into a bag, grabbed my phone and ran. I ran into the night leaving that room empty, not turning back, not knowing, not thinking, just running.

The night turned shadows into devils of the dark, rustling bushes howled in the eerie silence of night. Still high on adrenaline, I ran, into streets and through towns. I ran till the sun started to paint light onto the sky. I sat on a park bench, as the sun stretched across the sky, the reality dawned on me.

I was alone, mum was gone. I had no one to go to, no money, the only home I had was occupied by him. Doubt clouded my mind like a brick wall, was he coming after me, did he notice the open window; was he coming down to me right now?

Something brushed up against my leg, “AHHHH!” I screamed, jumping out of my seat, fear dropping a piano into my stomach